There are numerous Learning Management Systems available in the market. Gurukumo provides distinct advantages over other contemporary E-learning systems. Please find a point-by-point comparison of Gurukumo to two other major players:

GENERAL FEATURES Customizability to client's requirement Tick Tick Tick
Technical Support from the native vendor Cross Tick Tick
COURSE MANAGEMENT Reusable basic content elements (texts paragraph, documents, audio, video) Cross Cross Tick
Quizzes and Assignments Tick Tick Tick
Course management logically and physically separated from delivery process Cross Cross Tick
COURSE DELIVERY Adopting social networking as the part of course delivery Cross Cross Tick
Course Forums Tick Tick Tick
Private Messaging Tick Tick Tick
Integration with 3rd party tools Tick Tick Tick
COURSE ADMINISTRATION Adherence to pedagogic process Tick Tick Tick
Managing end-to-end academic programs from with the LMS Cross Cross Tick
Course reporting Tick Tick Tick

Key Advantages

ArrowPrivate Installation

ArrowCustomize to Your own Theme

ArrowIntegrate with Your own Legacy System

ArrowPossibility of Changing the Source Code

ArrowFlexible Licensing Model

ArrowCustomize LMS to your needs

ArrowSecure Cloud Ecosystem

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