LMS available for private installation

  • Get your private installation of Gurukumo LMS
  • Customize it to your needs
  • Self-management with automated notifications
  • Minimal Capital and Operating Expenses
  • Advanced Internet technology with friendly and intuitive user interaction
  • Simple user interfaces to manage sub-users and learners
  • Simple interface to manage program and course schedule
  • Well organized dashboard with all features available in one click
  • Simplified integration with other Enterprise applications
  • Flexibility to manage daily operations with minimal or no technical support.
  • Flexibility to customize the LMS to meet your unique needs and integrate with your legacy system.
  • Maximum cost reduction and flexibility to further modify the LMS as new needs evolve

Course Content Management

Course Content Management
  • Create well organized courses with Course Content Builder tool
  • Create a course once and reuse it whenever required
  • Create Text Content, upload files (Pictures, Video, Content Files)
  • Create assessment modules like Quiz, Assignments, Projects to grade effectively
  • Publish courses for delivery using the powerful Program Management module

Course as a Social Network

  • Easily collaborate and communicate in a secure environment
  • Form groups to extend classroom discussion across geographical locations
  • In-context discussions: post comments and maximize collective interaction
  • Encourage collaboration, informal learning with blogs and discussions
  • Content sharing: pictures, videos, files, links and other multimedia contents
  • Grading: An internal, private interaction between faculty and learner
  • Platform to interact, ask questions, post queries and get responses
  • Evolving Framework for integrating and using any open-system third party products
Course as a Social Network

Comprehensive Assessment

Comprehensive Assessment
  • Assessments and Evaluation of Assignments
  1. Course Providers can create and upload assignments
  2. Assessments can also be evaluated by the Course Provider or assigned faculty
  • Multiple Question Types Quiz supported
  1. Multiple Choice question with single answer
  2. Question/Answer
  • Longer term Assessment with Project
  1. Course Provider can submit a project synopsis
  2. Learner can work on the same and submit it in the specified time

Self managed User Administration

  • Delegate responsibilities to staff
  • Various user roles (Course Provider, Faculty, Learner, Content Developer)
  • Customize user profile
  • Self-enrollment for users in Gurukumo
  • Permission changes to a role at minimal to zero cost (if no development required)
Self managed User Administration

A Secure LMS Ecosystem

A Secure LMS Ecosystem
  • Secure LMS environment, easily accessible, very high capacity and always available (depends on hardware specifications)
  • Role based data security; information is shared only with the required people
  • Every user is assigned to one or more roles to access and perform various tasks
  • Password for user is irreversibly encrypted
  • Embedded application level security to prevent data leakage and unauthorized access


Key Advantages

ArrowPrivate Installation

ArrowCustomize to Your own Theme

ArrowIntegrate with Your own Legacy System

ArrowPossibility of Changing the Source Code

ArrowFlexible Licensing Model

ArrowCustomize LMS to your needs

ArrowSecure Cloud Ecosystem

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