Click MANAGE USERS->SUBUSERS. On this page, you can Manage Subusers (Create, Edit, Search, Delete). Follow these steps:

To Search for subuser(s), write the name and/or email. You can just type part of the known section of First Name; Last Name OR Email and click SEARCH button. You will see the list of all possible matches of the subusers that you have added. If you dont have any subusers, you will not receive any results.

To Add a new subuser, click 'ADD COURSE OWNER SUBUSER'

To Delete an existing subuser, click 'X icon' next to the subuser in the 'Action' column

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TickCustomize to Your own Theme

TickIntegrate with Your own Legacy System

TickPossibility of Changing the Source Code

TickFlexible Licensing Model

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