On the Dashboard, move mouse over USERS, you will see SUBUSER menu. Click this menu item and you will be taken to the List Subusers page.On this page, you can a new Add Subuser by clicking 'ADD COURSE OWNER SUBUSER' button. Follow these steps:

  • To Add subuser, write the First Name, Last Name, username/email and (new password if desired, not mandatory to edit password) click 'Check Availability'. If the user's username/email is already present in Gurukumo, i.e. an existing Gurukumo user, then the you will get a message 'Username already exist. To add this user as a subuser click submit.' The email, First Name, Last Name is displayed. Click the 'SUBMIT' button to add the subuser to your course provider domain.

Note: If the user is already present as a learner, the user can't be added.

  • If the user did not exist in Gurukumo, then you will get a message 'Username is valid.'
  • Select one of the 5 roles available:
    • Course Admin: Can administer the entire system - manage courses, manage program, manage users, be a faculty
    • Course Builder: Can only create and manage courses
    • Program Manager: Can manage program, add courses to program session, add learners to program, courses
    • Faculty: Can only teach and grade in a course session established via program
    • User Administrator: Can manage (create, read, edit, delete) learners and subusers

For more details on the subuser role, read relevant topics in the Knowledge Base

  • Click on the 'SUBMIT' button and the Learner will be added to your course provider domain.


To EDIT an existing subuser, click on the pencil icon next to the username in the list on the List Subuser page.

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