A subscription is a flat monthly fee. If the user has created a subscription, there will be no refund offered for the month. In case of any technical issues, please contact the customer support and we will be more than willing to help. However, if you are in the first 3 months of subscription and dissatisfied with the product, we will refund you the last month subscription amount.

For example, you started your subscription on 10th Nov, 2011. If you do not like the product and choose to cancel the subscription before 9th Feb, 2012, you will be refunded the subscription charged on your bill for the period of 10th Jan 2012 to 9th Feb 2012, billed to your credit card on the 10th Jan 2012.

Gurukumo reserves the right to change the pricing policy and will be notified to all customers when we make such changes. We will work 24X7, 365 days a year to ensure that you have a pleasant experience with the product as well as the customer service.

Key Advantages

TickPrivate Installation

TickCustomize to Your own Theme

TickIntegrate with Your own Legacy System

TickPossibility of Changing the Source Code

TickFlexible Licensing Model

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