About Gurukumo's General Release

Saji NairGurukumo announces the general availability of its Learning Management System (LMS). The product is available for subscription on cloud as well as for private installations on client’s own servers or private cloud. Functionally, Gurukumo LMS is envisaged to help the course provider deliver training programs and have better focus on increasing participation, engagement and interaction using the power of social networking.

The private installation is called as "Gurukumo LMS" and the cloud subscription service called as "LMS on the Cloud". Private installation and cloud subscription LMS both provide similar capabilities although the private installation will provide a customer with lot more customization capabilities and integration with their IT ecosystem and third party products.

The 21st century classroom uses the power of internet as well as various technology products for accessing content and for collaboration. It is a technological challenge to bring all of them under one platform. Gurukumo platform can allow you to access third party products with ease to enhance your learning experience. We have enabled integration to YouTube and Facebook. This method can be extended to access your content and communication services with minimal capital expenses or operating costs.

While there are various Learning Management Systems available in the market provided by product vendors or open source community, you will see the advantage with Gurukumo. Every feature – user management; learner management; course creation; grading; program management; and course delivery as social network; uses simple and intuitive interfaces. This reduces the CAPEX and OPEX dramatically compared to any existing product in the market. With a data driven interface design, integration to third party products is highly simplified and LMS can be integrated into any corporate or college technology infrastructure.

We are thankful to those customers who agreed to partner with us in helping manage their business solutions using Gurukumo LMS. They include a training institution delivering specialized training to corporations with less than 350 participants annually, a tutoring institution that is looking to serve students in high-school and under-graduate programs, a new educational institution poised to have a capacity of over 2000 students annually, and a firm in technology services industry that wants to develop knowledge base for its employees and encourage social interaction. In fact, it demonstrates the diverse use of our product in the education and corporate.

Moving forward, Gurukumo will now focus to sell the LMS and increase in the market share. For this, we are also looking to get additional investments from angel investors, to hire executive management who are willing to invest and be a part of Gurukumo success story. We encourage you to 'Like' us on Facebook and 'Follow' us on Twitter to get the latest news about our operations. We look forward to serving your best interests with cutting-edge solutions that are least burden on your pockets and provide a great user experience.

Saji N. Nair,
Co-founder, President and CEO,
Gurukumo Inc.

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