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Saji NairThe beta release on 15th April was a major milestone at Gurukumo as it helped us to put the product in public domain. Ever since we released it, we worked even harder to deliver the first release of our product as subscription service. In the last 6 months, we have delivered 5 software upgrades and are closing in on the final steps to release Gurukumo's LMS on the Cloud as a subscription. We were able to refine the features so that it is very simple to use and easy to manage. With this release, we hope to give LMS technology to the millions of individuals and training institutions that service the academic and corporate customers using traditional office products and hard-copy handouts.

During the past 6 months, we got to talk to a lot of potential users, customers, potential investors as well as channel partners. We saw a huge interest in this product not only for subscriptions, but also for private installations. It gives us a great pleasure to announce the availability of Gurukumo LMS for private installations. Private installation of Gurukumo LMS will usually involve user-desired customization, integration with their enterprise applications, user trainings, etc. Today, we unveil the new website and the details of these LMS products we are releasing shortly.

Saji N. Nair,
Co-founder, President and CEO,
Gurukumo Inc.

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