Gurukumo provides its powerful next generation LMS for installation on private server or cloud. This enables the customers to integrate the LMS with their own legacy software system in their private network, and to customize the system significantly. Request for a quote today!

Installation and Setup

Installation of Gurukumo LMS on a private server requires PHP5 and MySql5 support. Moreover the software environment refers PHP libraries like GD and suPHP to run the software successfully. We shall charge a one-off fee for installation and configuration of the software. However this won't include any activity related to setting up or troubleshooting software environment at client's server, which will require additional fee charged per hour.

Third Party Integration Fee

Gurukumo Inc. can offer integration of third party products with Gurukumo LMS and configuring with the legacy system at client's end. This will require additional fee on hourly basis.

Annual Maintenance and Support

We provide support and upgrades free of cost for one year after purchase of Gurukumo LMS. The support includes telephone and online ticket. However there will be an additional charge for any specific support incident if it is onsite or would involve specialized training to client.

White Branding of Gurukumo LMS

We avail facility to white brand Gurukumo LMS with an additional fee. The client can request for this separately at the time of purchase. This will remove "Powered by Gurukumo Inc." link from the footer of each page on LMS application.

Purchase Source Code

A client can purchase source code of Gurukumo LMS and can customize the system for his or her own usage (Please note that Gurukumo LMS is available in encoded form where source code is not available for client). However purchasing source code does not give any right to the client to resell or repackage the software in any manner.

LMS Consulting

Gurukumo Inc. offers strategic consulting (both onsite and offsite) for implementing E-learning process for clients.

Key Advantages

ArrowPrivate Installation

ArrowCustomize to Your own Theme

ArrowIntegrate with Your own Legacy System

ArrowPossibility of Changing the Source Code

ArrowFlexible Licensing Model

ArrowCustomize LMS to your needs

ArrowSecure Cloud Ecosystem

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